PCB and FPC design, Trail production, Manufacturing, batch, SMT, Mass production. TR company group is a professional procurement for PCB & FPC. Leave it to us!

TR COMPANY LIMITED has been established in Hong Kong since 2007, specialized as PCB and FPC trading company. We are capable of handling a variety of specifications about PCB & FPC. All of specifications, All of descriptions we deeply believed in we can do it perfectly.

Since the establishment of TR Company in 2007, We conducted massive surveys about the characteristics of many suppliers thoroughly so that we could made a better use of the resources. And it enabled us to respond to inquiries from every client. Therefore, we can offer a wide range of PCBs such as Single side, Silver and Cu paste TH, Double sided PTH, Multi- layer, High layer count more than 20 layer, Built Up (HDI) IVH, Any layer, Package PCB, Super Thin core PCB, Rigid-flex, Super Thick copper core PCB, Alumic board, Ceramics board, Other special specification PCB, Any kind of FPC and FFC and so on.
In fact, there are customers wondering that whether a well management could be arranged by us since we are not only involved with the specifications, but also dealing with so many Variety of factories. As we have 7 branches covering Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Kunshan, (nearby Shanghai) , Osaka , Yokohama, Korea (Seoul) and Malaysia (KL). It can keep under systematic review to our suppliers closely. In our suppliers, We place our professional staffs and inspectors who can give advice to the factory. So that we can provide best services to our clients. In these efforts, we have 25 professional staffs (total) at our each office. We can respond to any kinds of questions from clients.

Circuit boards are stating from design, We are not only satisfied with PCB and FPC Professional trading company, but also we can offer any kind of idea to clients, such as VA Design Suggestion → Layout → Sampling → MP. If you have any inquiry related about PCB & FPC (also FPC SMT), Please feel free to contact us, we will serve you sincerely.


President Tasaka Masahiro

  • As a PCB & FPC professional trading company, TR will develop a business that satisfies our customers in all over the world.
  • TR group have 25 professional staffs for PCB & FPC in Asia, we can provide the best service to you.
  • In Japan also in the world, we can do sales proposal from design, sampling and mass production which not only big order also short delivery, small lot or multiple items. We can meet all of your needs flexibly.
  • Our overseas branch and related factory are connected closely in our system each other. We are based in our professional acknowledge to provide technical quality support to our factories. We promise to provide best severe not inferior to Japan manufactures.