Recruitment Information

TR group recruits the following staff to the public.
Recruitment Position
Sales / Quality Control / Engineer / Accounting Affairs
Employing Types
Regular employee, No employment period
Working Location
TR Osaka Sales Office (Japan) / TR Yokohama Sales Office (Japan) / TR Shenzhen Sales Office (China)
Salary interviews, depending on the individual’s skills and work experience.
Social insurance / Transportation subsidy / Telephone subsidy
Working Hours
09:00 – 18:00
Sat and Sun, National holidays, Summer holiday, Year-end and New year holidays, and 121 days a year.
Japan: Employment insurance, Health insurance, Employee pension
China: Social security insurance, and Other insurance
Application Method
Please contact the following contact information.
Contact Information

[Direct line at desired workplace]
Japan (Osaka area) 06-6152-9165 (Kurokawa)
Japan (Tokyo area) 045-624-9349 (Serizawa)
China (Shenzhen area) +86-755-85245927 (Gavin)

[Email contact] (Japanese: HQ Tasaka) (English/Chinese: HQ Lik)