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※ If you choose Rigid-flex PCB, FPC and FFC, please attach the layer construction and drawing.(Maximum 5MB)

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※ HDI (build up PCB), any layer, IVH and special circuits board except single and 2L to 10L through hole PCB, please attach the layer diagram.(Maximum 5MB)

Finished board thickness
(0.2t 〜 4.0t)
Minimum L/S
Minimum hole size
(0.15mm 〜)
Thickness of outer copper foil
(1oz 〜 12oz)

※ If required other thickness of outer copper foil, please specify with its unit.

※ Inner layer copper thickness should be 1oz. If required other inner layer copper thickness, please specify with its unit.

Surface treatment

※ If gold-plating, Please specify the thickness of Ni and Au.

FR-4 normal material

※ If other materials are required(such as CEM 3,
halogen-free, CTI 600, high TG material),
Please fill in.

Treatment of the hole
Nil (None)Solder mask fillingResin fillingCastellated through hole
NeedNo need
If there are special specifications

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